What kind of Entrepreneur are you?

Many of us have at least considered dabbling in entrepreneurship, and quite a few have given it a go. For some, like a duck to water, everything just seems to work. For others, it's a hard slog but for those who make it work, the payoff is fantastic. Success or failure is not determined only by you, the entrepreneur, but the choices you make, and consequently the story of your business is.

So, What kind of Entrepreneur are you? It often comes down to the who you are as a person. Take a moment to reflect on what type of entrepreneur you are to get a better sense of your strengths and weaknesses. Self-reflection can be confronting, but there are online resources such as 16 Personalities to help you discover yourself. Knowing yourself will help you to better determine who may be best to team up with, or who bring on board in a support role. The crew at India-based design firm Designhill have come up with a short quiz aggregating several sources to determine individual entrepreneurial personality types through a series of brief questions. Read about others who share the same profile, the benefits and what to look out for.

"Being a 21st-century philanthropist is figuring out how, in our current context, we can use the resources we have," Audette Exel, Adara Group. (Probono Australia)

Knowing what resources you have as a person is just as important as knowing your business. One10 programs and consulting has been designed to help you discover not only the strengths and weaknesses of your company but of your personnel as well.

If you think your business needs a check-up, or some guidance for moving forward to continue to do good, get in touch with us.

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