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Who is One10 ?

One10 is a national startup accelerator and social impact consultancy agency with a mission to enable purpose-driven people to create positive impact. We nurture an entrepreneurial ecosystem to support and scale purpose-driven businesses. One10 offers expertise, networks, and capital to empower innovators, changemakers, intrapreneurs, and impact investors to create positive social and environmental impact.

What are we all about?

Vision: We envision an inclusive and thriving world.

Mission: We enable and support purpose-driven people to create positive impact.

Values: Inclusivity, Communication, Action, Empathy, Open Mindedness, and Integrity.

Who does One10 work with?

One10 works with social purpose organisations, which are entities that exist solely or partially to create positive social impacts. These organisations include social enterprises, positive-impact startups, non-profits, foundations, impact and social investing funds, social responsibility units within companies, and governmental agencies. 

We are looking to accelerate businesses that are impact-driven and transformative. We want to enable change makers and innovators to create meaningful social and environmental impact. We accept people from a range of different backgrounds and businesses however they must all have meaningful social or environmental impact. 

What is a 'for-purpose' business?

A for-purpose business aims to solve social and environmental problems. It is a business that holds profit and impact in the same regard, and views both as metrics for success.  We encourage entrepreneurs to consider self-sustaining business models. These businesses can be for-profit business or not-for-profit businesses. The business model is what makes it a social enterprise, not it's legal structure. Social Enterprises, 'for-purpose' or positive impact businesses, are diverse in their structure and may be best explained through a spectrum.

Social Enterprise Spectrum

Social enterprise specrtum

*NPO: non-profit-organisation

What counts as social Impact?

Social impacts are the societal and environmental changes created by activities and investments. Societal positive impacts are those that make the world a better place by addressing areas such as equality, livelihoods, health, nutrition, poverty, security, and justice. Environmental impacts include such issues as conservation, energy use, waste, environmental health, resource depletion, and climate change. (Epstein & Yuthas: Measuring and Improving Social Impacts, 2014)

How is One10 different to other accelerators?

We are experts in commercialising purpose-driven business. We never compromise on purpose to boost profits. We firmly believe that business can and will solve social and environmental issues. We are here to foster and commercialise profit for purpose business. While the accelerator can be intense - it’s also a great way to refine your clarity and focus.

How do I apply for One10's accelerator programs?

We encourage business to submit a pitch deck through our website at any time. We accept pitches on rolling basis and endeavour to get back to you within one month. We will only consider applications through our webform here.

What is an accelerator?

An accelerator is a fixed-term program design to help you get to a point at which you are ready to raise large amounts of capital. This is done through a mixture of mentorship, educational components and programs that enable the business to scale and grow. The goal is the accelerator is to grow the size and value of a company as fast as possible in preparation for rounds of funding.

An accelerator is not a non-stop ride to success, or handing over your business to others to do the work for you. There will still need to be a lot of work on your side from gaining feedback from mentors and our networks, learning in workshops and utilising this information in any strategic decisions that need to be made.

One of the reasons people partake in an accelerator program is to ensure they have the necessary expertise and networks to enable them to scale their business and to gain investment.

What are the advantages for participating in an accelerator?

An accelerator program has assistance from knowledgeable people you can avoid typical startup pitfalls that can cripple your business. As you are going through the program, you will have access to mentors who can provide feedback and shared learnings to develop your idea further. Lastly, an accelerator can provide invaluable connections and networks. It is from these that networks that you are likely to gain investment.

What can we offer you?

Our accelerator program is not one size fits all, we are able to tailor our program to the individual business needs. Think of it as program meets consulting, as we cover everything from business models to business management systems, all according to your needs.

There are core elements of the program that all participants benefit from:

  • Access to experienced mentors who have created business from the ground up
  • Work space within our co-working office space
  • Workshops that hone in on individual elements involved in scaling business
  • We offer ongoing  advisory, support and mentoring

I already have some funding from another investor, can I still join a program?

Yes, you are welcome to even if you have funding from another investor. However, if you have done a series A round, you may be beyond the scope of what we can offer in the Amplify program, and one-on-one consulting is likely to be the best solution for you.

Do I need to live in Melbourne or Sydney to participate in One10's programs?

No, but the time commitment is one day face to face each week. Please take note of this when applying. We are looking at moving to Brisbane and regional areas soon.