10 Actions to bring an idea to life.

Sometimes, we need less thought and more action. Here are ten actions you can take to start bringing your idea to life.

Step 1 – Articulate the problem using empathy. Get into the details of the experience, how does it feel?

Step 2 – Write a problem statement, using your variation of the format “If (x) had a way to ….. the world would look like….”

Step 3 – Draw/sketch a minimum of 5 solutions to the problem (go for quantity not quality, no words allowed)

Step 4 – Get feedback on your solution (and resist the urge to defend it – just take on board the feedback)

Step 5 – Do some research. Find out whether there are other solutions out there, whether they solve your problem well, or whether they can be improved upon.

Step 6 – Refine your solution based on your feedback and research. Re-draw as required.

Step 7 – Come up with a BIG SCARY action for the next 24 hours to leverage the momentum of the process!

Step 8 – Identify your next 5 actions that need to be taken, and set a short timeline. Try to complete these within the next two weeks to get yourself into a bit of a roll.

Step 9 –  Tell people about your project or plan. By making your plan public you are suddenly more accountable.

Step 10 – Sell your vision. Before you invest a bucket of money, try to find out whether people show an interest in buying your idea. Ask friends, ask your social media followers, and ask your mentors. If the response to your idea is really popular, you’ve probably picked a winner!