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Promise or Pay

Promise or Pay helps you stick to your goals by putting your money on the line for charity.

Based online it helps you stick to your goals by donating money to charity if you don’t follow through and encourages others to donate to your cause if you succeed!

Promise or Pay understand that making change or a goal for self-improvement can be difficult, and failing to reach goals can be disappointing and even discouraging when it doesn’t occur.

Research has shown that people are more likely to keep a promise if they they share their goal and that increases by over 70% if money is on the line.

A purpose driven business, Promise or Pay encourages social change by creating a win-win situation. People can change their behaviours and make good on their goals and drive social change.

One10 provided a structured program for Promise or Pay and also opened up networks and provided knowledge needed for grow the business.

Go to the Promise or Pay website.