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Health Delivered

Health Delivered is creating pathways to better nutrition through a nutrition app. 

It is an end to end platform that takes into account people’s preferences and collaborates with health professionals.

As Australia’s obesity problem keeps rising, so does the pressure on the health system from preventable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. These often go hand and hand and can be reduced and kept under control through diet.

The Health Delivered app is reducing preventable chronic diseases through a better experience between dieticians and their clients. Health Delivered tailors solutions to both the client and health professionals. 

To improve access to the right types of food, Health Delivered acts as an aggregator of existing food delivery services, tailoring the right solution to the individual based on their budget, location and preferences. This complete system allows for an improved, efficient relationship between dietitian and client, ultimately leading to improved diet and health.

Health Delivered submitted a strong pitch that included great detail including the Problem, their solution and it also included information around their team, the proposed look and feel of their app. It was also important for One10 to know the amount that was needed for investment and how this was to be spent.

Through the acceleration program Health Delivered has gained support from the One10 team and has had access to the knowledge needed to ensure growth for the business. 

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