Passion Never Fails - Podcast 29 hosted by David Fastuca.

My guest today is Geoff Gourley the founder of One10.

One10 is a Social Enterprise Accelerator. Which just means that Geoff encourages young and budding entrepreneurs to make an impact on their communities. Geoff is also a co-founder of $100 Million Impact Investment Fund. He is a Global Ambassador for Rare Birds, and a past Board Director of theUnited Nations Association of Australia.

On today’s episode Geoff tells us how he built One10 to be the agent of change he wanted it to be and has been. He also shares what it was like to one of the first people to be asked “what is a social enterprise?”


  • How One10 began.
  • The benefits of being single minded.
  • The importance of having a good support team.
  • How to find empathy with people.
  • Why you need a good mentor.


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"I value people on people, and their values, and their characteristics they demonstrate." -- Geoff
"I've got a good gut feeling about instincts, about people, but also what it is I'm doing and the reasons why I'm doing that." -- Geoff
"My mission is to enable thousands of social entrepreneurs around the world to make a difference in the communities they live and operate in." -- Geoff