Todays awesome story by Third Sector Australia  features quotes from our Founder, Geoff Gourley.

Victoria investing in social enterprise, other states being urged to follow suit.

Social-enterprise leaders “need to ensure we head in the right direction”.

Social enterprise may be a widely accepted business model, but with a multitude of definitions its real meaning is subject to much debate. There is also lack of clarity as to where the sector stands in Australia.

“Any enterprise that is driven to make an impact and deliver products or services for positive social or environmental change, as well as financial sustainability, is a social enterprise,” says founder Geoff Gourley of social-enterprise ecosystem One10.

“And these are growing at a rapid rate.” “The Victorian government is leading the way in driving awareness of social procurement as a critical step to tackling disadvantage, and the corporate sector needs to follow,” says Social Traders Ltd head of market and sector development Mark Daniels.

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Story credit: Gali Blacher