Presenting to an international delegation – an exciting morning!

The team at One10 was honoured to present today to a delegation of Government officials from the Philippines (many of whom were female – something we can learn from here in Australia!) organised by the Asian Development Bank. The different Government departments represented included:

  • Department of Social Welfare and Development
  • National Economic and Development Authority
  • Department of Trade and Industry
  • Department of Finance

This was a fantastic opportunity to share our knowledge on social enterprise and impact investing. There were plenty of questions around how start-up social enterprises can scale their business to create greater positive impacts. Social enterprise is popular in the Philippines, yet there is a a gap between people with ideas and passion, and business acumen and capital.

This challenge is not unique to the Philippines – it is one that we face here in Australia too, and one that One10 is trying to address. We shared a fantastic discussion around ways to connect social entrepreneurs with the expertise and capital they need to make their business a success.

We would also like to extend our thanks to the representatives from YGAP, Pollinate Energy, Thankyou., North Home, City of Melbourne and Oxfam who greatly enriched the discussion with their stories of success and explanations of different ways purpose-driven business can be approached. These organisations all play different roles in the social enterprise ecosystem and shed light on how multi-faceted and collaborative it is!