10 Inspiring Facts about Female Entrepreneurs

1. The top five countries for female entrepreneurs are 1. the United States, 2. Canada, 3. Australia, 4. Sweden and 5. the United Kingdom, according to a new global report commissioned by Dell (Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard, 2015).

2. More than 126 million women entrepreneurs were starting or running new businesses in 67 economies in 2012 (Global Report on Women and Entrepreneurship, GEM 2012)

3. When firm characteristics (size, sector, age, funding) are controlled for, women-owned firms outperform those owned by their male counterparts. (Women in Enterprise: A Different Perspective. RBS Group 2012)

4. No matter which crowdfunding platform they choose, female founders perform equal to or better than their male counterparts when raising money online (Stand Out in the Crowd Ventureneer, 2015).

5. The gender gap for social entrepreneurship activity is far narrower than for mainstream enterprise activity (A Strategic Framework for Women’s Enterprise Prowess/GEM, 2006)

6. The number of women-owned firms is increasing at a rate 1-1/2 times the national average in the US (State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, 2015).

7. Women entrepreneurs are more adept than their male counterparts at seeing gaps in the market and seizing the opportunity. (Kauffman Index: Startup Activity, 2015)

8. Just over a third of Australia’s business operators are women (34%), and their numbers are rising. (Profile of Australian Women in Business, 2015)

9. With 7.8% of the adult female population involved in setting up a new business or owning a newly founded business (female TEA rate) Australia ranks number one among the developed economies. (Woman Entrepreneurs, 2010)

10. In 2014, one in four startups in Australia were founded by Women – up from one in 6 in 2011. (Key Statistics about Women Entrepreneurs in Australia, 2015)

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One10’s Founder Geoff Gourley is a Global Ambassador for Rare Birds and is passionate about helping them achieve their goal of building an international community of one million women entrepreneurs by 2020.