The importance of the Not-For-Profit sector in Australia cannot be understated. Your work makes the world more inclusive, equal and sustainable. It is important, but has a very specific set of organisational challenges to overcome.

The greatest challenge for not-for-profit’s is their need for more funding. The second, their need more people or time, but both people and time cost money.. and so strategy can easily spiral or stall. Building a sustainable income base can be hard, and finding new investment can quickly drain resources. If your business relies on government funding, it can be especially difficult in the face of ever changing government policies and support.

First up, we would like to dispel a couple of myths: bigger budgets do not mean bigger donations, and more people does not necessarily mean more profits. Actually, recent research into the not-for-profit sector has instead shown that innovation, improved efficiency and strategic planning are more important than increasing budgets or staff.

“Start with innovation, and the funds will follow.”
Jeremy Tobias CEO, GiveEasy

A recent report from GiveEasy into the not-for-profit sector found that relatively few respondents were considered leaders of innovation. In fact 60% of all businesses were considered novice or low-performing innovators rather than industry leaders. This difference alone translated to a 34% difference in funding.

The top 10 Innovative Not-For-Profit Leaders:

source: GiveEasy Innovation Index for the Australian Not For Profit Sector 2016 Report

source: GiveEasy Innovation Index for the Australian Not For Profit Sector 2016 Report

Chances are you recognised many, if not all of the not-for profits on these top 10 lists. There is a good reason why; they are innovators. They have a specific innovation strategy or focus. Innovation doesn’t rely on doing or having more, it is about being more efficient with what you do have. But working out the right efficiency and innovation strategy for your business can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. Where do you start? Which direction do you take? This is where One10 can help you find you way

One10 provides consultancy services to help you think ahead, and plan for how your business can continue to expand your reach and create greater impact, get ahead and innovate in 2017. Whether you are looking to get started, to find a fresh approach or just want to have a chat to find out more, get in touch with us.

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