One10 recently held Social Drinks in Melbourne to support local changemakers. We had a great night of networking and heard from 6 pitches all with innovative approaches to their social businesses. Details of all those who pitched are below:


Jackie Colmar, TILT
Tilt is a magazine for those who aim to disrupt and innovate the way that we address social and environmental change. Published online as a free quarterly digital magazine for Android, Apple, and desktop devices, Tilt provides inspiring interviews and actionable content to support people on their journey as a changemakers.

Elva Zhang, Peace Lab
Peace Lab combines Laughter, Yoga and guided Creative Meditation into a fun and reflective session.  They provide tailor-made ‘Play’-shops to encourage participants to return to a childlike state of playfulness and spontaneity. By providing an outlet to enjoy and experiment Peace Lab assists people to feel more connected with themselves and those around them.

Laurie Hawkins, Health Services Directory
Providing a platform and a new approach to the challenge of finding accurate information about health and human services. By using big data and Visual analytics, the Human Services Directory (HSD) is able to provide users with up-to-date information on opening hours, languages spoken, facilities and specialist programs. By providing a platform the HSD helps users make evidence based decisions which improves access and treatment options for everyone.

Sam Jewel, Climate food
Climate Food (CF) is working to disrupt the agriculture industry, by finding alternative practices and resources to make everyday items. among many areas CF supports and advises in the sustainable agriculture area to find renewable and environmentally friendly alternatives to make significant changes to current industry practices and tackle climate issues on a large scale.

Richard Mills, Horatios Jar
Horatios Jar is a concept space, designed to bring innovation and creativity together in a truly beautifully way. The founders are creating a high-end retreat and exhibition style space for self-development, performances, workshops and corporate retreats. HJ has some exciting projects and developments lined up including grants and sponsorships for local social enterprises.

Leonore Ryan, Cardihab
Cardihab is providing an alternative that will change the way people access healthcare. The online program is aimed at minimising re-admissions and preventing the recurrence of cardiac events. Cardihab is an innovative solution providing Cardiovascular Rehabilitation remotely to provide access to ongoing healthcare regardless of geography.

And last but not least...
Eric Barker
Eric is a young changemaker looking for a job. He recently completed a Bachelor of Commerce and has been working in content marketing and business development. Eric is looking to make connections with like-minded people who can offer him advice and assistance with the next stage of his career. If you are looking for someone who is proactive and enthusiastic, contact Eric at


If you would like any additional information or to make a connection, feel free to contact us.