One10 Founder selected as CSIRO Innovation Mentor

One10 Founder, Geoff Gourley has recently been selected as Innovation Mentor to the CSIRO Lean LaunchPad Accelerator.

What does being part of the CSIRO ON Mentor Network mean?

Geoff is a key player in a program that is designed to achieve maximum impact from CSIRO developed technology.

As a CSIRO mentor, he will be among the publicly promoted faces of Australian innovation, and enjoy exclusive access to a series of CSIRO program events.

CSIRO will draw upon individuals within the CSIRO Mentor Network to engage with teams participating in two programs:Lean Launchpad and ON Accelerator.

The selection process for ON Accelerator will see up to 25 shortlisted teams working on their business idea for 30-intensive hours before presenting their learning and traction to a panel of world class judges.

This isn’t a typical startup accelerator. This is an accelerator created to achieve maximum impact for Australian science and technology.

As an ON mentor he will have the potential to support researchers working hard to address fundamental global challenges. Each team will be joining with a big challenge to discover ways their research can solve real needs and prove how their product ideas could be adopted.

They’ll need his commercial insights and challenge so they can do their best.

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