Becoming a Rare Birds Ambassador on International Women’s Day!

On this special day, International Women’s Day, we are proud that our founder Geoff Gourley has been appointed as a Global Ambassador for Rare Birds. He is among 14 other incredible individuals, all working towards gender parity and supporting entrepreneurs. Here’s why he’s getting behind this fantastic initiative:

Australians have always demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit, are innovative, resourceful and willing to give it a go. I became a Rare Birds ambassador to ensure that women and girls with this spirit are inspired and enabled to become entrepreneurs by choice. I’m so impressed by Jo Burston’s vision to see a global community of 1,000,000 women entrepreneurs by 2020 I just had to stand up and add my support. Geoff Gourley, Founder One10

Rare Birds has a vision of seeing 1 million more women entrepreneurs join our global community by 2020. At One10 we share this vision, and like Rare Birds, we want to help to ensure that every future boy and girl has the chance to become an entrepreneur, regardless of their geographic location.

From day one, I have said we are not a women’s organisation, we are a global movement which supports women entrepreneurs. That support comes from all genders, cultures, nationalities and politics… Progress towards gender parity won’t just impact women, it will have significant impact on the global economy. It’s not a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s a ‘must-have’. Jo Burston, CEO Rare Birds

The program will appoint 100 international ambassadors by June 2017 and already has 15 ambassadors from around the world on board, of which eight are female and seven male. Ambassadors need to be entrepreneurs, thought leaders or captains of industry, play an active role in their community, have a passion for economic and social impact via entrepreneurship, and must strongly share the Rare Birds’ vision.

Rare Birds is a global hub that connects and supports aspiring and established entrepreneurs, creates opportunities and solves problems by providing funding, education, mentorship and publishing inspiring, practical content. You can see the other Global Ambassadors who have been appointed here.