Impact Investing


Impact Investing


Investing in a better future

What is Impact Investing?

Impact investing is a growing field of investment that intentionally creates positive social or environmental impacts as well as a financial return, and measures both. It challenges the long-held view that social and environmental issues are best addressed through philanthropic donations, and that market investments should focus exclusively on achieving financial goals. Impact investing combines the best of both capital and values-based principles to create a triple-bottom line: good financial social and environmental returns.

Why is it important?

Impact investing has tremendous potential to help address some of our most entrenched societal issues. Countries, including Australia, face growing gaps between demand for social services and what governments can afford. As a result, governments, businesses and communities are now seeking new solutions, as well as effective new ways to finance and deliver them at scale. 

Do you have an impact investment strategy?

At One10 we work with a range of Impact Investors, Funds, High Net-Worth Individuals, Angel Investors and Family Offices and Private Ancillary Funds to develop investment strategies, provide qualified deal flow and undertake due diligence on available opportunities. If you need support developing your strategy or want to connect with impact investment opportunities please get in touch with our Impact Investment Team to discuss your needs. 

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How One10 facilitates Impact Investment

One10 is connected to an extensive network of impact investors. We recognise that there are many purpose-driven businesses seeking investment, and that correspondingly there are investors looking to grow the impact sector alongside their portfolio. One10 connects those looking for impact investment with investors seeking to create impact through their funding. One10 conducts a thorough Due Diligence and Impact assessment of all businesses it is assisting to raise capital for. 

If you are seeking to raise capital, and your business has a strong social or environmental mission at its core, pitch your idea or business to us!

One10 Has partnered with the Impact Investment Fund to connect Startups with investment.

The Impact Investment Fund has been established to enable entrepreneurs and founders to the access capital to support their business expansion. We connect the Impact Investment Fund to a certain type of business:

  • Are able to demonstrate positive social and/or environmental impact

  • Have a high-growth, scalable product or service that is disruptive or has unique features or channels to market, that also provides barriers to entry for competition

  • Possess a business model with potential to generate in excess of $10m revenues in 5 years, and a 10x return for investors

  • Are at the seed stage, have a minimum viable product

  • Have a business pathway reflecting market size and clear customer identification

  • Are raising $50,000 to $5,000,000+

Are you seeking to create impact through your investments? Let us know!