• Youth Projects (map)
  • 9 Hosier Lane
  • Melbourne, VIC, 3004
  • Australia

When: Tuesday, 2 August 2016 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Where: Youth Projects Inc. - 9 Hosier Lane #7, Melbourne, VIC 3000 

"There should be an app for that!"

We've all experienced that moment of enlightenment at least once since the dawn of the iPhone. Admittedly, it's usually after a few too many wines, and the idea fails to imprint itself into our hazy heads the next day.

But at One10, we know that your addled app ideas could help to solve real problems facing our communities. The key is in enabling you to make it happen. That's why we're teaming up with Common Code to bring you an event that will give you tangible, actionable, no-frills insights on how to build an app – from the ground up.

Common Code will take you through modern tools and techniques currently used by successful digital product entrepreneurs and product teams to build products that people actually use and love.

Drawing upon Lean Startup methods, modern product design, agile and business analysis techniques you’ll come away with a snapshot of what you need to do to kick off your pathway to building an app and a digital startup.

So you want to build an app? is the first installment of our monthly Impact Seriesthat enables changemakers, innovators, and intrapreneurs to create transformative change within their own communities.

Our friends at Youth Projects are generously sharing their space with us on Tuesday 2nd August at 5:30pm, for a 6pm sharp kick-off. Look forward to seeing you there!

About Common Code

Common Code transforms ideas into real-world products. Their Melbourne-based team of elite engineers, strategic designers and agile managers accelerate their clients' visions and build great codebases. They are a human-centred company that use their resources to support their staff and invest in our community. They strive to be inclusive and transparent, and hold their business decisions accountable to their values.

About Youth Projects

Youth Projects is an independent, not-for-profit agency that provides health, outreach, employment, education, and training services to individuals experiencing disadvantage, unemployment, homelessness, alcohol and other drug issues. 

About One10's Impact Series

Are you a leader or visionary, driven to create a more inclusive and sustainable world? Are you a disruptor, revolutionising the way we do business? Do you believe that the power of business can be harnessed for good? Are you a purpose-driven investor who care about where your money goes? Our Impact Series is for you.

At One10, we’re tired of events that are tricky to translate into action. That’s why we’ve created the One10 Impact Series. Our Impact Series enables changemakers, innovators, and intrapreneurs to create transformative change within their own communities. We unleash the potential of our community by providing the practical skills and connections necessary to innovate with purpose.

Come along if you want:

To learn something new.
To challenge the status quo.
To exercise your creativity for good.
To connect into our enabling community.
To hear refreshing and authentic stories of change.
To share your experiences and gain insights from others.
To develop skills that will translate your ideas into impact.
To co-create meaningful change for people and our planet.