Impact Series: A conversation with Kaitlin and Aaron Tait

When: 6 - 8 PM, Tuesday 6th September

Where: Youth Projects, 9 Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Don’t be an armchair entrepreneur, be an entrepreneur that changes lives!

We would all like to see poverty eradicated. But Kaitlin and Aaron have done more than just think about how nice it would be if all of the world's citizens had a fair standard of living. And they're joining us to share their story of purpose, entrepreneurship and impact.

Bring along your questions, passions and open mind. These guys have some incredible insights to share.

A conversation with Kaitlin and Aaron Tait is the second installment of our monthlyImpact Series that enables changemakers, innovators, and intrapreneurs to create transformative change within their own communities.

Kaitlin Tait


Following two years as a humanitarian worker in East Africa, Kaitlin co-foundedSpark* International, a non-profit organisation enabling local social entrepreneurs in some of the poorest communities across Africa and the Asia Pacific. Kaitlin knows how to lead in tough situations, turning the performance of a high-school in a Tanzanian slum and leading a HIV/AIDS orphanage in a Kenyan village. She also works to empower Australian girls through workshops and speeches across the country’s high school and universities as the co-founder of The Girl Project. Kaitlin is the General Manager of Spark* International and is a powerful heroine for girls and a great role model for a new generation of leaders.

Aron Tait


Aaron was born in New Zealand, joined the Australian military as a seventeen year old, saw active service in the Persian Gulf, ran a nightclub in Spain, married a girl from San Francisco, travelled through most of the Americas, Asia and Europe, built an orphanage in Kenya, ran a secondary school for street-kids in Tanzania and studied at Cambridge University.

Then as a 26 year old Aaron co-founded Spark* International, a non-profit organisation which works alongside emerging entrepreneurs across four continents in some of the poorest countries on the planet and has helped 36,000 people out of poverty. He is also the Co-founder of Education Changemakers, an organisation working with exceptional Australian teachers that has raised the learning outcomes of 22,000 students.

Aaron speaks to tens of thousands of people each year the globe and is a graduate from the University of Cambridge, a highly innovative social entrepreneur, a tried and tested leader and an inspiring communicator.

Come along if you want:

To learn something new.

To challenge the status quo.

To exercise your creativity for good.

To connect into our enabling community.

To hear refreshing and authentic stories of change.

To share your experiences and gain insights from others.

To develop skills that will translate your ideas into impact.

To co-create meaningful change for people and our planet.

About Youth Projects

Youth Projects is an independent, not-for-profit agency that provides health, outreach, employment, education, and training services to individuals experiencing disadvantage, unemployment, homelessness, alcohol and other drug issues. 

About One10's Impact Series

Are you a leader or visionary, driven to create a more inclusive and sustainable world? Are you a disruptor, revolutionising the way we do business? Do you believe that the power of business can be harnessed for good? Are you a purpose-driven investor who care about where your money goes? Our Impact Series is for you.

At One10, we’re tired of events that are tricky to translate into action. That’s why we’ve created the One10 Impact Series. Our Impact Series enables changemakers, innovators, and intrapreneurs to create transformative change within their own communities. We unleash the potential of our community by providing the practical skills and connections necessary to innovate with purpose.

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