• Tazio Birraria Pizzeria & Cucina (map)
  • 66 Flinders Lane
  • Melbourne, VIC, 3000
  • Australia


Embrace a serendipitous encounter with your future co-founder, employee, or boss. Bump into an impact investor. Meet a problem solver who can help you take the next step your career or business.

A single conversation can open your mind to a new perspective or solution. So, be prepared to chat with people who think like you, and people who don’t!

Bring your passions and ideas, and leave your inhibitions behind.

We will be providing an open mic opportunity for up to 6 people to pitch to the community for two minutes (strictly!).

Who should pitch:

Positive impact businesses and not-for-profits to pitch what they are doing and what they need to progress to the next step (whether that be a co-founder, collaborator, investment, or an employee with specific expertise).
People looking to pursue a purposeful career to pitch themselves, their skill set, and the type of business they'd like to work for.

If you would like to pitch, please let us know when you register for your ticket.

Come along if you are:

A Problem Solver.
A disruptor, changing the way we do business.
An innovator, using the power of business to do good.
An entrepreneur focused on solving environmental or social problems.
An impact investor looking to back awesome positive impact businesses.
A leader or visionary driven to create meaningful social and environmental impacts.
A professional who creates (or would like to create) a positive impact through your work. 

What you should bring:

1. Your passions and energy.
2. A hard-earned piece of advice you'd be willing to share.
3. Business cards.

Register here to attend.