NOW AVAILABLE: A new report from T100 Project looks at data from 76 private portfolios ($2.8B in committed capital).

“Why commit to 100% impact investments? To invest in the future we want to create. To protect the commons upon which all life depends. To demonstrate that capital can be deployed with a higher purpose beyond financial return.” – Annie Chen

100% impact portfolios are getting easier to build, the pioneers behind them are accelerating their shift to deeper impact, and investors are meeting their goals for both financial and impact returns, reveals the second T100 report in the longitudinal study of portfolios in Toniic’s 100% Impact Network.

T100: Powered Ascent, the second report tracking these portfolios, compiles data from 76 private portfolios totaling $2.8 billion in committed capital. That’s a nearly 50 percent increase in participation compared with the 2016 launch report, which surveyed 51 portfolios representing a total of $1.65 billion in committed capital.

Another advancement: the report maps participants’ investment themes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, providing a first look at how deep impact portfolios are addressing the SDGs.

What's in a 100% #impact portfolio? How are #investors measuring impact?

Download the report:

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