Are social enterprises the answer to social world problems, what defines social impact, change or solution to the recurring issues our society faces? It’s not always easy to determine the exact value of social entrepreneurs and organisations; however, it’s easy to imagine what would happen to our future if they didn’t exist.

The heart of a social entrepreneur stems from a focus for change, whether it be the welfare of communities and individuals or improving our eco footprint, social awareness is at the crux of their business.

The not-for-profit sector, together with philanthropy has for a long time been the main driver for social awareness and change. Large corporations also did their bit to contribute to a specific cause or charity, which of course, still is happening today. Donating money and government funding and/or grants to charities or causes fall short to a consistent or permanent impact to the greater community.

Social entrepreneurs are stepping up and taking the hybrid approach to a not-for-profit meets profit. Meaning, a collaboration of the two industries focal points meeting somewhere in the middle to drive social change.

As the social awareness increases through our population, people, entrepreneurs, often Gen Y and Millennials, are starting to think about the world we live in and its future.

There’s an ambitious generation of confident social entrepreneurs that are strengthening the global economy by receiving financial benefit whilst identifying and solving social issues, all in the one breath. Thankyou, Tom’s Shoes, Swanky Socks, Pollinate Energy are just a few of the successful organisations that have taken on the purpose of change, with profit.

Gen Y are leading the way through their understanding of new technologies which plays a huge role in developing new ideas into startups and transforming them into social enterprises. Millennials are asking “why?” more than ever before, questioning society’s values, actions and future. The question may have already changed; “What do you want to be when you grow up?” to “What problem do you want to fix?”

We need to support our social leaders as they guide the way to a brighter future. They’re our secret weapon for our next generations to come. We can support the entrepreneurial ecosystem through six leading factors; leadership, culture, resources, frameworks, role models and activities. All pivotal to the outcome of a successful journey and outcome.

Imagine a world full of powerful entrepreneurs leading social enterprises; would we still call them that? Social enterprises? What if they become the new normal, a profit and purpose business model, organisations becoming the catalyst for permanent change to our communities and beyond, a global social economy strong and healthy.

For the most part, we’re only human after all.

If you are a budding Social Entrepreneur, or are passionate about a business that creates impact, why not apply now for the One10 Capacity Building Programs kicking off early 2018.

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