What will you promise?

One10 has just started working with a social enterprise that gives you an excellent reason to follow through on your promises – Promise or Pay.

Promise or Pay’s vision is to inspire millions of people to be the best they can be and, at the same time, encourage and facilitate much needed donations for charity.

Through the online platform, you are able to make a promise to do something, whether that be to exercise every day, read more, eat less chocolate (that’s me!) or do one kind thing every day. It’s really up to your imagination. You then select an amount you would like to donate (and the charity it will go to) if you don’t follow through on your promise.

Next, recruit some friends to get in on the action – have them pledge a donation if you keep your promise. The great thing about this system is that the charity always wins, are you are able to challenge yourself and your friends with a real incentive to win!

It’s no secret that sticking to self-improvement commitments is difficult. But did you know that research shows the chance of achieving a goal increases 33% if it is shared with others and by 72% if money is put on the line? We’ve combined these two approaches to help you stick to your goals by making them public and using charitable giving as an incentive.

To maximise the impact of every dollar donated Promise or Pay have partnered with charities that are clear about their purpose, mission and values. They believe they use their resources wisely to effectively implement programs that have the ability to actually make a difference. They also want to give you the opportunity to choose from a number of charities working to combat a wide range of social issues.

Promise or Pay was recently in the media for securing investment from One10 and joining the One10 Accelerator Program. You can read about it here:

– Sydney startup Promise or Pay scores investment from national social enterprise accelerator. Dominic Powell – Startup Smart

– Promise Or Pay has become the first Sydney business to attract to attract an investment from social accelerator. Anthill Magazine – Anthill

– Small charity platform ‘Promise or Pay’ gets large investment. Gali Blacher – Third Sector

One10 is always looking for new, innovative and impactful social enterprises to enter our Accelerator program. We look for enterprises with:

  • a minimum viable product
  • a capital raise of more than $250,000
  • at least one team member working full time on the business

If this sounds like your business, head to our Pitch It page and submit a pitch!