One10 launches its Corporate Program and Innovation Challenge

Corporate Australia is critical to addressing social and environmental issues and improving the lives of those less fortunate. Many large corporations are well positioned to enable incredibly valuable and essential services to be delivered. In fact many are already delivering positive outcomes under existing Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental programs.

Over the last decade we have seen increased awareness, and a major shift, by corporate Australia around how they deliver on their Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental commitments, and how they embrace Innovation, Disruption and Collaboration.

Lets face it though, embracing ‘Innovation, Disruption & Collaboration’ in a corporate culture can be a challenge, let alone unearthing new markets, gaining exposure to new customers and accessing new entrepreneurial talent.

Developing innovative technologies and gaining valuable insights is also a challenge. You may work in a company that has significant goals and aspirations, and you personally may want to make a positive impact, but not sure how to go about it.

Does your company know it’s WHY?

Its an important question, many corporations and their employees remain unsure.

One10 is passionate about influencing positive change, making a real impact and difference in peoples lives and the communities they live in, and we want to support corporations and individuals to contribute in achieving positive impact.

How do we do this?

One10 Group’s ‘Corporate Program’ is a ‘Framework’ that enables corporates to deploy budgets that may be set aside for grants, sponsorship’s, partnerships or innovation. The ‘Corporate Program’ team works alongside your organisation, supporting and leading change for the better. We develop a theme aligned to your objectives and strategy, launch and manage a structured program delivering outcomes that are aligned to your requirements.

A recently launched corporate program like Optus FutureMakers is a fantastic example of an Australian Corporate implementing a grants program, and in this case, Optus are tackling big issues affecting Vulnerable Youth. Watch here

Think of One10 Group as your ‘Corporate Accelerator’, an innovator, disruptor and collaborator empowered to shake things up. We have direct engagement with seed, startup and scale stage entrepreneurs and work with you and them to generate new products or services, new ways of selling and solving problems in innovative ways.

Corporate Australia contributions are critical to addressing social and environmental issues.
In addition, we also have developed the “Innovation Challenge”, this is an internal or external facing competition aimed to bring teams together, to address problems and discover innovative solutions, which can then be developed into businesses, projects or adopted as new internal processes or business units.

Every step of the way One10 is there to set-up, manage and support your “Innovation Challenge”, if your company has not developed or participated in an Innovation Challenge or “Hackathon” yet you are at risk of being disrupted by your competitors that have embraced innovation.

So, if what’s been said resonates with you, lets make a time so we can demonstrate the value One10 Group brings and how, through Innovation, Disruption and Collaboration, we can influence a positive impact in your business and for the community. Contact us here