Strategy Day.

The team at One10 had our first day back on Tuesday and we gave it a big title: Strategy Day.

We knew that over the holiday season everyone had some time to wind down, step back from the daily busyness of work. So, we decided to dedicate some time to sharing the musings and inspiration this downtime gleaned.

Our day kicked off with a little check in with how each team member was feeling, and the overwhelming response was that we are all pumped about working with so many awesome entrepreneurs 2016, and for all the events and projects we have planned for the year.

Next we revisited our mission and goals. This was to ensure that the planning of the day would drive us towards these central components of our business. We always advise the enterprises we work with to build their Purpose into their business plan, and to work towards it from Day 1. We practice what we preach.

Housekeeping was next on the agenda. We did a quick review of last year and caught up on the status of different clients and partners we’re working with.


Then we dived into how we were going to tackle our big projects for the year.

We considered:

  • What marketing approach we would take?
  • Which technology tools we would use (right now we love Slack for internal communications, Asana for planning projects and collaborating, Pipedrive for managing our clients and partners and Google Drive for filing – paper based filing is so dead!)?
  • What research needed to be done?
  • Who might be interested in what we had to offer? Which companies and organisations were potential partners, collaborators or clients?
  • Which events should we attend in the year? And which should we participate in, or even lead?

We finished the day feeling up to date, with a great plan, and with a clear focus. It was a success, and we are still excited for 2016!
Have you had a strategy day in 2016 for your business yet? What did you cover? Did you end up with a clear vision of where you were going? Or did you get bogged down in tasks that needed to happen rather than a road map?